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How to Install GBWhatsApp on your Android Device

What is GBWhatsApp?

The top-rated GBWhatsApp is a simple mobile phone application that helps users to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on one cell phone. The phone should allow dual SIM usage. The app works well with cell phones having Android as the operating system. This includes iPhone and iOS devices. The device has to be operating two active SIM telephone numbers for the app to work. The app is downloadable from the internet, but your WhatsApp account should be active for the GBWhatsApp to install successfully on the other telephone number.


What are GBWhatsApp features?

The app works just like WhatsApp messenger with only difference being that you can access two accounts on one cell phone. Here are some of the key features of GBWhatsApp app for android devices.

-It supports voice calls

-Allows viewing of audio and video files without loading

-Can hide name and date when two or more copies

-Allows users to change program icon and notifications

-Can hide the possibility of appearing privacy options

-Supports Italian and Spanish languages

How to Install GBWhatsApp on your Android Device

The app should be installed while WhatsApp application runs. It is therefore important that you should first download a primary WhatsApp application for one of your cell phone numbers before attempting to install GBWhatsApp. The app can be downloaded easily from the web and thereafter empower the Unknown Sources highlight by clicking on Settings>Applications or Settings> Security depending on your Android version. This feature must be enabled for GBWhatsApp to install successfully into your device.

Having Problems Installing GBWhatsApp into your Device? Try these Tricks

One of the main reasons why the app might fail to install into your device is that the device might need a jailbreak operation. Different people have their own different reasons on why they would want to jailbreak their Android devices. But, one major reason is that you can jailbreak your device in order to make it install and run other useful applications successfully. This will provide the much needed freedom to your iPhone device by unlocking the settings that the manufacturer put on their original products. After a successful jailbreak, the iPhone gadget should be ready to install and run GBWhatsApp app.

Another trick to try includes uninstalling your primary WhatsApp account then downloading a new version. The GBWhatsApp might be having problems installing on old versions. This trick can work well if you have a fast phone with enough space to accommodate the two applications. Remember that your primary WhatsApp account has to be active when downloading GBWhatsApp APK app. You will also need enough data bundles for the whole process. If you are using free Wi-Fi, then ensure that it is of high speed for the process to be highly successful. The details you provide to register the new WhatsApp account after successful installation should be that of your unregistered phone number.

When Should I Download and Install GBWhatsApp

The app is available online to be downloaded at any time. Ensure that you follow the simple pop-up instructions for successful installation of the application. Unfortunately, not all cell phone models support this app. Most of those operating on Android OS do support the new app which is good news for iPhone device users.

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