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How to use WhatsApp Web for Computer or Laptop

How to Run WhatsApp Web for Computer

Typing of the long messages or holding the multiple WhatsApp conversations on the smartphone is not something impossible but there are many a times that you may prefer like typing on the keyboard and also watching the messages on the screen. It is possible for you to have whatsapp web run in your computer. There are few things that you should know so that you can make use of the same in your computer. This can make it much easier for something that is much better for you. It is good for you to get the best kind of the things related with that.

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  How to use Whatsapp Web on PC & Mac

Features of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is the watered down kind of version for phone app and so you cannot find all the features of the phone in it. Facebook may introduce more features to this app may in the recent future. Here are the few things that this version of whatsapp can do.There is a chat icon available on the top which can pull up the list of all the contacts for starting to chat. There is no need for you to find it so hard. You may find the recent chats of yours in the main menu. This is not the app where you can do group chat but only private chats are possible through this. This can be a bit annoying but still is not big deal.You can create a new line in the message by pressing shift and enter so that you can go to new line and type the things necessary. This can make it easier for typing messages. You can attach or even click pictures with the Whatsapp web.


There are so many things so that are there with the support page. If you want to make use of whatsapp web on the computer, the phone should have WiFi or data connection. This is something that is necessary as the platform requires you to mirror pp on smartphone. You should have a phone which can be blackberry, Nokia S60, iPhone 8.1 or Android. If you are traveling to some other country and your phone do not have connection then you may not be able to make use of whatsapp on any other device.

How to Set Up WhatsApp Web

The whole setup is for pairing the phone with the whatsapp web. You can make use of edge, safari, opera, Firefox or chrome and can connect to https:web.whatsapp.com/. You may find a QR code there for you to scan with the whatsapp phone app. You may find instructions below the code which can help you in scanning the code on the app. Once when you get the code scanned, you should be able to see the whatsapp messages on the phone in browser too. There is no need for you to have WiFi connection for the phone. Whatsapp allows connecting through WiFi for avoiding too much of the mobile data to get used. Whatsapp web is the one that can help in providing the mobile experience on the larger scale. It fallows you to send the vice notes, photos, emojis and also can find the contact lost. You may even receive the notifications of the same on computer.

Concern on Security

When the app gets installed, you can log into web interface and anybody may get access to the computer and may be able to get the Whatsapp conversations pulled up if you are logged in through the browser. If the computer has a password protection then this may not be a huge factor of consideration. If you are using Whatsapp web from the public computer, you can sign out when you are done. It can be done very easily by clicking on three dot menu icon and can select Log out. If you forget for logging out from the whatsapp web that is used in the computer that of somebody else and doubt that they have accessed the account then you can logout from all the active sessions by just visiting similar page from which you have scanned QR code. These are the things you should know for maintaining the security of the app.


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