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Langat OGYouTube is an excellent app that provides you full access to YouTube with numerous extra useful features such as downloading any video from the app directly. Nowadays, OGYouTube is a must have an android app.

If you have not tried it yet then give it a try, you’ll defiantly like this incredible app. OGYouTube will allow most of the greatest functions that we require on official YouTube.
Today, there are no choices like download in mp3 format or downloading the video in the official YouTube app. But by utilizing OGYouTube, we can use many of the excellent features that we require on official YouTube app.
OGYouTube is a unique YouTube client which allows you download any video from the YouTube directly to the memory (internal or external) of your Android device. Best of all, you are able to do it in any of available resolutions, and even directly in the MP3 format.
Generally, OGYouTube works precisely like official YouTube client. In fact, it is an older version of an official client, with only one minor difference: a download button below all videos. Pressing this button allows you select the quality and format of the video you need to download to the memory of your device.
Essentially, with the OGYouTube you can carry out any activity which you can with an official YouTube client, such as playing videos in the background. That said, it’s very essential that you don’t log in to your account on the OGYouTube. In case you do, you won’t be able to download any videos anymore. For this reason, it’s so crucial not to log in.
OGYouTube is possibly the greatest YouTube download client you can find on Android devices, even if there are others which are also excellent. Its interface and usability (similar to YouTube) make it the greatest possible alternative for downloading any videos.
Features of OGYoutube Apk

OGYouTube App has all the features of a typical YouTube client.

1. When you play a particular video, it’ll open in a tiny pop-up window for your convenience.
2. You can log into your account, play videos, view various categories and even search YouTube.
3. It’s possible to choose playback quality from 140-1440p (based on availability).
4. OG Downloader allows you download videos of any quality with up to 60 FPS.
5. Of course, the major feature is the download feature.
6. It’s even possible to download only the audio in the mp3 format.
7. Numerous downloads at the same time is possible as well.
8. The video files can also be renamed before download.
9. Downloaded files are usually saved in a folder known as ‘OG Downloader.’


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