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Download Whatsapp Plus Abo -Sadam Al-Rifa’i The latest version with free direct link is the subject of today, Hello and welcome to our dear followers and visitors to our website as you know , Whatsapp Plus is the most popular social networking application, with up to 5 billion uploads around the world, Of course, these reasons called for developers to create professionally modified applications and add some of the functions and features that users need, we offer you today one of the most popular Whatsapp applications, which contains features and additions have been admired by many users, and Download gbwhatsapp Plus Abo Saddam is a modified version of the official version of the original Whatsapp program. Some of the great features and add-ons needed by all users have been added. This version of Abo -Sadam has many features and features that many users like. For example, And install many wonderful themes, we show you the details in the next lines.

New updates in Whatsapp Plus Latest version:

Many new features have been added in the latest version, such as the updated in store version 2.37.351 And the ability to send messages to groups also when deleting messages, you can delete messages only, or groups, or all messages messages or prevent the deletion of messages from your device if a person tried to retrieve messages from your ways (Options – Privacy – prevention of deleting messages). In addition to activating the filters feature to modify the images before sending them to friends or making them your status, activating the direct site sharing feature with friends, you can select multiple messages and retrieve them simultaneously. Also, option No. 1.2.63 has been added to display long messages without appearing. Scheduled message to multiple people at one time With the multiple names selection, you can now copy the written (status), and more updates and features we will show you in detail in the next lines.

Comparison between Whatsapp  and the original Whatsapp program:-

Although the tasks are very similar between the application of Whatsapp and the official application, the application developed by Saddam Al-Rifai has the necessary additions and features. The most important is that you can open more than one Whatsapp account on a single machine without routine root or use Other programs also have the ability to hide the read receipts messages , And the status of the people without their knowledge, you can copy the status of your friends written in addition to the additional features are very powerful make this application the best choice for the use of whatsapp without restrictions, in the following lines we show you some of the characteristics and features that the program in detail boring.

A review of the most important features and features provided by Whatsapp :

Hide the last seen: Whatsapp Abu-Saddam’s latest release is the feature of hiding seen on Whatsapp, which hides the last time you log in to Whatsapp and use it. This feature is a positive and negative feature at the same time, some people feel They are monitored by others, so the app gives you the ability to hide your last seen.

Lock and whatsapp with a secret number: Whatsapp Plus Abu Al-Rifa’i is available on the secret lock feature so that no one else can open it without entering the secret code. This feature is one of the powerful and effective features of the application. It avoids the use of other external programs In order to lock the whatsapp with a secret number.

Locking whatsapp chat : Now you can lock your Whatsapp chat with a secret number without the need for other external software or applications to keep the privacy and privacy of chats between you and people protected by a secret number so that hackers can not see the chat between you and other people.

Video of the statusVideo of the status indefinitely: Many users looking for a way to put a long video in the case of Whatsapp, and others looking for an explanation of how to make a full video in the case of attribution, but with the application of Whatsapp Abo Saddam , you can add video without a specific period in the case of whatsapp.

Image Quality: The quality of your images is improved without loss of image resolution. You can now send or receive all images without compromising quality, without the need for external methods or applications to do so, and ofcourse it is also a great feature.

Features of Whatsapp Abu Saddam Al-Rifai latest version:

1.Hide the last seen of friends completely.

2.Hide the read receipts and the seen and hide the current typing and running.

3.Ability to completely change the program font for many ready-made fonts.

4.The security feature of the application by assigning a secret number can not open the application without it.

5.The security feature for chat by placing a PIN can not open the chat without it.

6.Patch all gaps to use the software safely 100% without worrying about any blocking.

7.Improve the quality of images sent and not affect its accuracy at all.

8.New icons, including notifications icon and alerts, through a moving bar.

9.Ability to send video in large sizes.

10.You can change the color of the message text.

11.Increase the number of characters in the personal case with the font color change enabled.

12.Change the default theme and you can choose from a wide range of ready-made designs.

13.Suggest and share your app settings with friends.

14.Ability to view photos and videos without uploading them.

15.Add a counter to the messages in the group to see the most common member interaction in the group.

16.Secure login messages and password chats.

17.Support voice and video calls.

18.You can send more than 100 photos at once to your friends.

Technical information on Whatsapp Abu-Saddam Al-Rifai:

Software name: WhatsApp Plus Abo Sadam.

Developer Company: abo2sadam.

Program size: 38.5 MB.

Current Version: Version 6.12.

License: Free.

Section: Android programs.

Updated: 26 November 2017.

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